"When my husband and I decided to sell our Texas home for retirement living, we contacted Joe at Austin Estate Sales to handle the sale. He and his team worked quickly and delivered far more than we thought possible. After the sale was over, donations items were boxed in the garage and a local charity came to pick them up. 

Austin Estate Sales earned my trust and confidence. Their team uncovered valuable pieces of art and jewelery that we didn't even realize we owned and got good prices for our treasured possessions. I am so glad we didn't just give up and "donate" everything. The service was worth every bit of the commission they charge. They were dependable, knowledgeable and worked hard to organize and then sell our unwanted items. Our neighbors were impressed and so was our realtor. The house sold before even being listed on the MLS thanks to someone who attended the estate sale. I can't recommend them more!"

-online review


Just a few of the letters from happy clients:




What We Hear Shoppers Attending Our Sales Say:


"staff is so helpful and nice" 

"great signs"

"everything looks so beautiful"

"is the house for sale?"

"this is the nicest estate sale I've ever been to"

"did they really have all this stuff?!"

"so well organized"  


We have lots more letters and recommendations we can share - we aim to please!