Locate a sale by checking:

  • www.estatesales.net
  • craigslist
  • www.gsalr.com
  • local paper's classified ads

Expect to wait in line if you get there early and expect to spend some time as there is usually a full home full of items to look through

Bring cash as everyone accepts cash.  

Do not 'hold' an item ( by carrying with you or putting "on hold" ) unless you have decided to purchase it!  Squirreling away a bunch of merchandise to sift through later is unfair to the other shoppers, to the Estate sale company and to their client.

Don't shoplift-  this isn't a victimless crime

Don't switch tags-  items are priced fairly and switching a tag is stealing

Remember the name of the company providing the sale- if you liked it you will want to attend their sales in the future!